Thank you Wall Street Journal for highlighting our 

Drought Responsible Product Line in your July 24th article, 

Eco-Conscious Preserves, Mail Order Brisket and Nutty Spreads!  

It was an honor, and we are thrilled the message about eating with your environmentally conscious mind as well as pallet is getting out.  

It's such an important message to us here at the Jam Lab. 


When you see the new BLUE label, you now know you are buying a jar from our new DROUGHT RESPONSIBLE PRODUCT LINE. In California, we are experiencing a severe drought and as stewards of our local farmlands, we have a line of either dry farmed or drought tolerant fruits and vegetables to help keep our precious WATER resources respected and used conservatively.  Just like our fiberstone labels which are water and tree free!  It's not only what is in the jar, but everything that goes into making it. 

We are also excited to announce Friend in Cheeses Jam Company will be available, starting mid-July, at the Half Moon Bay/Pacifica Farmers' Markets as well as the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers' Market.  

We look forward to meeting you at our booth and getting to know our customers a little better!