Local meats and cheeses, wines, beer and bourbon, never met a better partner than Friend in Cheeses Jam Company.  Local, organic farm sourced, seasonal jams, jellies, and preserves create a true delight with the food and wines of our region.


My Grandmother Emma May Stroup is my jamming inspiration.  She taught me to eat local, to preserve fruits and vegetables when in season and to enjoy the simple things.      xoxo-T

The Story:

Late in 2009, after years of creating homemade condiments for numerous wine clubs and classes, Tabitha Stroup decided to produce and sell small batches of her jams.  Her first jam business,  Tabitha's Appropriate Jamsexperienced immediate popularity. As demand surged, she created Friend in Cheeses Jam Company in 2011.

Tabitha has been cooking, teaching and savoring food, wine and curds in Santa Cruz County for over 20 years. This unique region produces some of the best consumables in the world. Tabitha realized that many were not experiencing the vast possibilities of this local, seasonal goodness.  Her goal was to help bridge a "pairing gap" by demonstrating the diversity of flavors achieved by exploring combinations using local, fresh ingredients. She discovered that one misses amazing tastes when strictly adhering to food rules.

Tabitha started picking, gleaning and following Mother Nature's lead and created an ever evolving line of seasonal jams, chutneys, jellies, marmalades and pickles.  To open a jar from Friend in Cheeses Jam Company is to open a jar of possibilities; the possibility to discover, to invent, to explore and, most of all, to ENJOY. 

Our Jammin Farmers


Giving back to our local community is just as important as making a standout product for the world to enjoy.  Friend in Cheeses Jam Company proudly supports the non-profits below.