Smokin' Padron Jam

Smokin Padron Jam
Smokin Padron Jam

Smokin' Padron Jam

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The long days of late summer with the wafting of aromas of a wood smoke and roasting peppers brings this jam to a new place on the pantry shelf. Lazy afternoons with meats just from the grill and a dollop of summer so the feeling will never end.

Ingredients:  smoked padron peppers, orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, cane sugar, pectin, smoked paprika, chili, sea salt

Padron Peppers sourced locally from The Homeless Garden Project.

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Drought Responsible Product:

Our Products are dictated by Mother Nature.  Each year seasons change, farms have a changing environment with water shortages and conservation at the forefront.  We are taking consideration for these changing times with our new Drought Conservative focus.

Download recipe here.